Jerry’s Situation 

We are an established band based out of Anchorage, Alaska. Leaning towards the classic rock genre, Jerry’s Situation is a perfect addition to any private or corporate function. We are literally a turnkey solution to any of your music needs with full PA system, professional demeanor, and a fun-loving attitude. We provide the music you want to hear and dance to.  

Jerry’s Situation has been roaming the Alaska music scene for over ten years now. With past gigs ranging from The Sheep Creek Lodge to  O’Malley's on the Green, even a side trip out to Lake Louise Lodge. Yes and a few places in between as well.  We have seen/played it all. Our members bring well over 100 years of combined stage experience (We are not old…just 5 talented band members!!!) and a vast range of songs in our arsenal. In short, we have the material to customize our setlists to your venue’s needs and atmosphere.  

The band:  

Jerry Cochran – Vocals and Guitar  

Chrys Castle – Vocals  (Check Chrys out on 100.5 the Fox  10:00 to 2:00  mid days Classic Rock )

Steven Cranford – Drums  

Scott Ingrim – Vocals and Guitar  

Alex Leavens – Vocals and Bass Guitar  

 Most all of the members in this band carry a portion of the vocal load. With this gift we are able to cover a wide variety of material, and provide harmonies and subtleties that typical cover bands just don’t have the bandwidth for. We enjoy each other’s company both on and off stage, and that shows through in the chemistry that is brought forth in each and every onstage endeavor.  

Let’s face it. We are having fun!!! If you want to get in on the excitement just reach out to us through the contacts section and we will let you know how you can share the “Situation" with us. 

Lets Rock !

Now let's see how the Situation Rocks !

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