Lake Louise Lodge 3-22-19

Jerry wrangled up his Situation for an ideal weekend of riding, music and appropriate beverages at Lake Louise Lodge. Gary on drums rockin’ amongst the animal pelts,



those wall-critters nearly came back to life! Okay, that’s creepy, but Lake Louise Lodge was really rockin’ this past Friday and Saturday, so much so, Chrys endured a tambourine injury (who the hell does that??)

















Scottie met his doppelgänger from another and rather svelte dimension.


Alex now, he made Lake Louise Lodge history as the 1st band member to actually ever bring sleds to this snowmachining Mecca. There may be a plaque awarded for this occurrence.

Jerry added another band member on Saturday switching out a Broom for a Gibson for our guest air guitarist. 
And then there was Roo-dog, along for the ride who was just chill.

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