Last Friday night 6-29-18 at the Anchorage City Limits

For the final Friday in June, the guitars, cowbell and harmonica got to come out and play.  Jerry’s Situation stepped on the stage of Anchorage City Limits, a first time for us as a band. The crowd was modest in size but fierce in interaction (although nothing thrown, or should I say nothing was hit). Out-of-Towners were blindsided by our mash up of Kryptonite and Sweet Dreams, perhaps even tripping up their sing-a-long a bit.  But the locals knew what was up with our unexpected sweet & salty. Yup, we were chocolate covered bacon in a song. 

Jerry, the head honcho, was ambushed by a flirtation launched by a blonde in the back row. Have you ever seen a big biker blush? It’s a unique shade of red. 

“Big Biker Blush”, that will be the next paint color I request at Home Depot. 

This occurred right after Sultans of Swing. Nailing that lead is drop dead sexy! 

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